Fraud Risk

With the continuous proliferation of new channels and technologies in the Payment systems, new ways of performing Fraud manifest every day while a lot of the traditional Fraud patterns still remain relevant. The SafeGuard suite of products offers a comprehensive set of Preventive and Monitoring tools for Institutions to protect themselves and allow them to grow and expand in an ever-changing fraud landscape.

  • Real-Time, Artificial Intelligence, Fraud Analytics, Chargebacks, Any card, Merchant monitoring

Legal Practice

Arbizon is the next generation of LOMAS software, trusted by leading and prestigious Law Firms in Cyprus. Intuitive system functionality automates and standardises procedures for the increasingly complex legal functions. The system's features facilitate the daily workload while ensuring integrity, consistency, and completeness of the Firm's vital operations. Organise, manage, access your case files, and assign tasks to your team from anywhere.
  • Litigation, Corporate, Contracts, Intellectual Property, Compliance, AML, Invoicing, Time Recording

Debt Recovery

The SafeDebtRecovery (SDR) product has been in successful operation since 1998 and is installed in major Cypriot Financial Institutions. Its rich functionality enables the Officers of the Financial Institution to monitor non-performing Credit Facilities and keep track of the appropriate actions accurately and in a timely manner, thus resulting in impressive recovery results.
  • Asset Warehouse, Customer Profile, Proposal Preparation, Regulatory Compliance

Credit Risk

Synectics provides a complete suite of products to evaluate the Credit Risk of financing facilities. This includes the development of various Credit Risk models, including predictive models for Loss Given Default, which are then embedded in our Credit Risk Infrastructure. Corporate clients are further analysed through the systemic evaluation of their Financial Statements.
  • Predictive Modelling, Credit Scoring, Loss Given Default, Credit Risk Infrastructure

Operational Risk

Synectics Operational Risk Management solutions are tailored to ease the collection and management of operational loss and near-loss data, accurately and uniformly across the organisation, and the self-assessment of identified risks and controls. Powerful reporting and heat-maps help management monitor and manage risk and calculate the right capital reserve against future operational losses.
  • Events Register, Risk Control Self-Assessment, Key Risk Indicators, Risk Visualisation

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