Please note that effective Monday 3rd June 2019, Synectics Ltd new office address will be: Victory Tower, 4th Floor, 18 Kyriakou Matsi Avenue, Ayioi Omoloyitai, Nicosia 1082.

Our Correspondence Address will remain as is: P.O.Box 20020, Nicosia 1600, Cyprus.

During the dates 29 and 30 of May 2019 our support team won’t be readily available due to relocation. For urgent support queries please contact us via email.

SafeChargeBack - Mastercard MCM

Following the integration with Visa’s VROL last year, we are currently in the process of upgrading our SafeChargeBack (SCB) module to integrate with the MasterCom Claims Manager (MCM) of MasterCard. This will enable our customers to seamlessly connect with MasterCard for their dispute-resolution process, allowing for easier, more efficient, and better handling of dispute cases.

SCB, our Dispute Resolution Management module, makes use of powerful features including customisable workflows to cater for our client’s unique needs, integration with multiple bank channels such as the Bank’s Branch Network, ATM’s, Internet Banking etc., and provides tools for extensive reporting and analytics.

Synectics Ltd Participation at the University of Cyprus Recruitment Week – February 2019

During the week 11-15 of February 2019, Synectics Ltd participated at the University of Cyprus Recruitment Week, organised by the Career Office of the university. During the event, the companies implemented interviews with students as potential employees, after a thorough recruitment process. The event aimed at bringing together companies and recent or future competent graduates to ease their introduction to the labour market. The representatives of Synectics had the opportunity to conduct interviews with the students and graduates, with the prospect of becoming part of the Synectics team.

Synectics Ltd Participation at the University of Cyprus Career Fair - April 2018

On the 26th of April 2018, Synectics Ltd participated at the University of Cyprus Career Fair. The purpose of the event was to bring employers from various fields together with skilled and competent students and graduates. More than 70 firms took part in the career fair, including Synectics Ltd. Our company’s representatives had the opportunity to discuss and exchange views with various students and promote our current job and internship opportunities available.

SafeChargeBack, VCR - April 2018

Following the release of the Visa Claims Resolution (VCR) initiative, our SafeChargeBack System has been fully upgraded to follow the new business process flows and integrate with the Visa Resolve Online (VROL) through the Real-Time System Interface (RTSI).
The Visa Claims Resolution (VCR) initiative is a more streamlined dispute-resolution process that benefits issuers, acquirers, merchants, and cardholders alike. The VCR dispute process proactively eliminates invalid disputes and responses, applies automated liability assignment where possible, and provides a more efficient process with simplified rules and reduced resolution time frames.
The new VCR Module of our SafeChargeBack System provides seamless integration with Visa Systems, thus significantly improving the productivity while minimising mistakes and delays. The Solution also includes powerful features such as custom workflows, integration into the Bank’s Branch Network and Internet Banking, unique consolidation of chargeback details for meticulous management and follow-up, extensive reporting and analytical capabilities.

New LOMAS (Law Office Management and Administration System) Implementation - March 2018

Synectics has recently started implementing LOMAS at one of the top Law Firms in Cyprus. The Assignment includes the three main Modules of Litigation, Companies Administration (Secretarial Services) and Time Management together with many sub-Modules such as Compliance, Mobile Extensions, Calendar Synchronisation, Accounting System interfacing, etc. Currently the Litigation, Time Management and Accounting System Interfacing Modules are in Production, successfully utilised by all personnel of the Law Firm. The functionality includes innovative ways for streamlining the crucial underlying operations, developed jointly by Synectics and the Law Firm. LOMAS is an integrated Modular Solution aiming at Productivity Improvement, Reduction of Operational Costs, Delivery of Exceptional Customer Service, Law Firm standardisation, Avoiding of Conflicts of Interest, and Knowledge Accumulation and Re-use, among others.


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